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Active Adult Living: Secrets to a Fulfilling Senior Lifestyle at Westmont Village Homes

active adult living

Embracing a Vibrant Senior Life at Westmont Village Homes

In the heart of March Air Reserve Base, CA, Westmont Village Homes stands as a beacon of active adult living, offering a unique blend of comfort, community, and care. This esteemed facility is not just a place to live; it’s a gateway to a fulfilling and vibrant senior lifestyle.


Discover the Cornerstones of Active Adult Living

Community Engagement – The Heartbeat of Westmont Village

At Westmont Village Homes, the emphasis on community engagement is palpable. Seniors are encouraged to connect, participate, and thrive through various social activities, fostering a sense of belonging and joy. This active engagement is a cornerstone of our approach to senior living.


Health and Wellness – A Priority in Every Aspect

Understanding the importance of health in active adult living, Westmont Village offers a variety of wellness programs. From fitness classes to nutritional advice, every aspect is tailored to enhance the well-being of our residents, ensuring they enjoy the best in senior care.


Tailored Living Spaces for Ultimate Comfort

Designing Homes with Seniors in Mind

Every living space at Westmont Village Homes is meticulously designed with seniors in mind. From safe, accessible layouts to cozy, elegant interiors, our homes are more than just a place to live; they are havens of comfort and ease.


A Blend of Independence and Support

We strike a perfect balance between providing independence and necessary support. Our residents enjoy their personal space with the assurance that help is always at hand, ensuring peace of mind for both them and their loved ones.


Activities and Amenities – Enriching Every Day

A Calendar Brimming with Opportunities

The activity calendar at Westmont Village is brimming with opportunities for fun, learning, and growth. Whether it’s arts and crafts, group outings, or educational workshops, there’s always something to enrich the lives of our residents.


Amenities That Speak of Luxury and Convenience

From our state-of-the-art fitness center to the serene walking paths, the amenities at Westmont Village are designed with luxury and convenience in mind. They cater to our senior residents’ diverse interests and needs, adding a touch of elegance to everyday living.

Amenities That Speak of Luxury and Convenience

Amenities That Speak of Luxury and Convenience

A Community That Cares – The Westmont Village Difference

Staff Dedicated to Your Well-being

Our staff’s dedication to the well-being of each resident is what sets Westmont Village apart. Trained professionals who are not just employees but part of the community ensure that every resident feels valued, understood, and cared for.


Safety and Security – Our Top Priority

At Westmont Village, safety and security are not afterthoughts but integral parts of our community design. With round-the-clock security and a responsive team, we provide a secure environment where seniors can live worry-free.


Nurturing Mind and Spirit – The Essence of Active Adult Living

Intellectual Stimulation – A Commitment to Lifelong Learning

At Westmont Village Homes, we believe in nurturing the mind as much as the body. Our programs offer intellectual stimulation that ranges from book clubs to guest lectures, ensuring our residents remain mentally active and engaged.


Spiritual Wellness – Catering to Diverse Beliefs

Recognizing the diversity of spiritual needs, Westmont Village provides various avenues for spiritual exploration and fulfillment. Whether it’s meditation sessions or religious services, we respect and cater to the spiritual wellness of all residents.


Culinary Delights – Savoring Every Meal

Nutritious and Delicious – A Feast for the Senses

The culinary experience at Westmont Village Homes is both nutritious and delicious. Our chefs prepare a wide range of meals that cater to various dietary needs and preferences, ensuring every meal is a feast for the senses.


Social Dining – More Than Just Meals

Dining at Westmont Village is a social affair. It’s an opportunity for residents to gather, share stories, and build connections, making mealtime a delightful social experience.


Technology and Innovation – Keeping Pace with Modern Living

Embracing Modern Technology for Comfort and Convenience

We understand the importance of technology in today’s world. Westmont Village Homes is equipped with modern amenities and technology that enhance the living experience, keeping our residents connected and comfortable.


Innovative Programs – Tailored for Senior Needs

Our innovative programs are tailored to meet the evolving needs of seniors. From health monitoring systems to educational tech courses, we ensure our residents are at the forefront of modern living.


The Beauty of March Air Reserve Base – A Perfect Setting

Natural Splendor and Historical Richness

March Air Reserve Base’s natural splendor and historical richness provide an ideal setting for Westmont Village Homes. The serene environment and beautiful landscapes offer a peaceful retreat for our residents.


Accessible and Convenient Location

Our strategic location offers easy access to local attractions, medical facilities, and shopping centers, making it convenient for residents and their visiting families.


Making the Decision – A Step Towards a Better Life

Understanding Your Needs – Our Priority

At Westmont Village Homes, our priority is understanding and catering to your unique needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you make the best decision for your senior living needs.


Seamless Transition – A Smooth Start

We ensure a seamless transition for new residents. From the first visit to moving in, our team supports you every step of the way, making the start of your journey at Westmont Village as smooth as possible.


A Commitment to Excellence in Senior Living

Elevating Every Aspect of Senior Life

At Westmont Village Homes, our commitment extends beyond providing just a living space. We strive to elevate every aspect of senior life, ensuring that each day is filled with joy, comfort, and fulfillment.


A Community That Grows Together

We are more than just a senior living facility; we are a vibrant community that grows and thrives together. Our residents are at the heart of everything we do, and their happiness and well-being are our top priorities.


Your Invitation to Join Us

Experience the Difference at Westmont Village Homes

We cordially invite you to experience the difference at Westmont Village Homes. Visit us and see firsthand how we redefine active adult living. Immerse yourself in a community where every day is an opportunity for growth, engagement, and happiness.


A Future Filled with Possibility and Promise

Choosing Westmont Village Homes means choosing a future filled with possibility and promise. It’s not just a change of address; it’s a step towards a more enriching, engaging, and enjoyable lifestyle.


Your New Chapter Awaits at Westmont Village Homes

In conclusion, Westmont Village Homes is not just a place to live; it’s a community where active adult living is redefined. With a perfect blend of comfort, care, and engagement, it’s an ideal place for seniors to embrace their golden years. Our dedication to your well-being, the richness of our programs, and the beauty of our location combine to offer an unparalleled living experience.


Take the First Step Towards a Fulfilling Senior Lifestyle

Don’t wait to start this exciting new chapter in your life. Contact Westmont Village Homes today at 951-697-2060. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions and help you discover the secrets to a fulfilling senior lifestyle. Remember, at Westmont Village Homes, your best years are just beginning.



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