Can Tech Provide Effective Help for the Elderly?

The Evolution of Help for the Elderly

The landscape of elderly care has dramatically transformed over the years, with technology playing a pivotal role. At Lakeview Senior Living in Lincoln City, OR, we’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact of technological advancements in enhancing the lives and help for the elderly.


Tech Innovations: A New Era of Elderly Support 

Innovative solutions, from health-monitoring gadgets to social connectivity tools, have revolutionized how we provide help for the elderly. These technologies offer practical assistance and empower seniors to maintain independence and a high quality of life.


Health Monitoring and Management 

Advanced Health Monitoring Devices 

Gadgets like smartwatches and health monitors are game-changers in senior healthcare. They allow for real-time tracking of vital signs, alerting caregivers and medical professionals to potential health issues before they escalate.


Medication Management Applications 

Medication management can be a complex task for many seniors. Digital applications simplify this process, ensuring that medication schedules are followed accurately, reducing the risk of missed or double doses.


Enhancing Safety and Security 

Emergency Response Systems 

Seniors can quickly summon help in an emergency with the touch of a button. These systems provide peace of mind for the elderly and their families, knowing that assistance is readily available.


Smart Home Technologies 

Smart home devices, such as motion sensors and automated lighting, play a crucial role in preventing accidents at home. They create a safer living environment, especially for those with mobility or cognitive impairments.


Staying Connected in a Digital Age 

Social Media and Communication Platforms 

Digital platforms bridge the gap between seniors and their loved ones, facilitating easier and more frequent communication. Video calls, social networks, and instant messaging help maintain strong social ties, which are crucial for mental well-being.


Online Communities and Forums 

Online communities offer a space for seniors to engage with peers, share experiences, and receive support. These platforms provide a sense of belonging and an opportunity for social interaction, which is often limited in later life.

Online Communities and Forums 

Online Communities and Forums

Cognitive Health and Digital Engagement 

Brain-Training Apps and Games 

Digital tools designed to enhance cognitive abilities have shown promising results in maintaining mental sharpness. Games and applications focusing on memory, problem-solving, and attention can be fun and beneficial for cognitive health.


Educational Platforms and E-Learning 

Lifelong learning is now more accessible than ever. Online courses and educational platforms allow seniors to explore new interests and engage their minds, contributing to their overall mental wellness.


Simplifying Daily Tasks with Tech 

Smart Appliances and Assistive Devices 

Technology has made everyday tasks easier and safer for seniors. Smart appliances can be remotely controlled, reducing the need to perform physically demanding tasks. Assistive devices, like voice-activated systems, help those with limited mobility or vision to navigate their daily lives more independently.


Wearable Tech for Health and Fitness 

Wearable technology goes beyond just monitoring health; it encourages an active lifestyle. Fitness trackers motivate seniors to stay physically active, providing data on their progress and achievements.


Personalized Care Through Technology 

AI and Machine Learning in Elderly Care 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are at the forefront of personalized elderly care. These technologies can analyze patterns in behavior and health, leading to customized care plans that cater to the unique needs of each individual.


Telehealth and Remote Consultations 

Telehealth services have become a boon for seniors, especially those in remote areas. Remote consultations with healthcare providers ensure continuous medical support without the need for frequent physical visits to clinics.

Our Commitment to Technological Advancement 

Incorporating Cutting-Edge Tech in Our Services 

We are committed to incorporating the latest technological innovations into our care services at Lakeview Senior Living. Our approach ensures that residents receive the best possible support while maintaining their independence and dignity.


Training and Support for Residents and Staff 

We understand that adapting to new technologies can be challenging. That’s why we offer comprehensive training and support for our residents and staff, ensuring everyone can benefit from these advancements.


Choosing the Right Technology Solutions 

Assessing Individual Needs 

Selecting the right technological solutions requires understanding the individual’s specific needs and abilities. At Lakeview Senior Living, we assist families in making informed decisions about the technologies that will most benefit their loved ones.


Balancing Tech and Human Touch 

While technology is crucial in enhancing elderly care, the human element remains irreplaceable. We believe in a balanced approach that combines the efficiency of technology with the warmth and compassion of human interaction.


Embracing a Future of Tech-Enhanced Elderly Care 

The integration of technology into elderly care opens up a world of possibilities. From health monitoring to social engagement, tech-driven solutions significantly benefit seniors. At Lakeview Senior Living, we are at the forefront of this exciting evolution, ensuring our residents enjoy a life of comfort, safety, and joy.

If you or your loved one could benefit from our tech-enhanced approach to elderly care, we invite you to reach out. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in exploring the best options for your unique needs.

Call us at 541-994-7400 to discover how technology can help for the elderly loved one.


Remembrance Plaque Unveiled at Westmont of Riverside

Veterans Day was especially meaningful to the residents and staff at Westmont of Riverside. The property, formerly named Air Force Village West, is one of the largest retirement communities in California and home to many retired military service members and their families. A volunteer committee of twelve residents decided to commemorate this year’s Veterans Day by unveiling a bronze plaque at the community’s entrance. “We are dedicating this plaque to all those past, present and future resident veterans, spouses, and widows in recognition of their sacrifices to our country,” said Bill Baltazar, Lt. Col. US Air Force, (Ret.), chairperson of the Veteran’s Appreciation Committee.  The event held on Veterans Day involved many people, starting with an invocation by Chaplain Don Lederer, Major, U.S. Air Force, (Ret.); the honor guard hailed from the California Military Institute under the direction of David Sibley, Master Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps, (Ret.); followed by a bugle performance of The Star Spangled Banner by Cadet Matthew Rodriguez and to end the unveiling ceremony, a rendition of God Bless America was sung by Monya Henry, Executive Director, Westmont of Riverside.  Westmont of Riverside is located at 17050 Arnold Drive, Riverside. For more information, please call 951-697-2100 or visit Photos courtesy of Bradley Westwood, Explore Further Photography.

Neurofeedback Clinic Opens at Westmont of Riverside

A new Morningstar Neurofeedback Clinic is open on the campus of Westmont of Riverside located at 17050 Arnold Drive. The clinic is especially helpful for those with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and early on-set Dementia. Neurofeedback provides numerous benefits in maintaining healthy cognition, especially for those who are struggling with memory concerns and other mental health conditions. Improved memory performance can offer a better quality of life. The clinic which is now open for appointments on Mondays and Fridays in the Health Care Center is under the direction of Connie McReynolds, Ph.D., a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with more than 30 years of experience.

“Many people begin to notice a decline in mental clarity, memory or executive functioning as they age,” said Dr. McReynolds. “And the importance of cognitive health can’t be underestimated as it plays an integral role in a person’s social, cultural, physiological, and environmental background. Sadly, people often put off taking steps to improve their cognitive health. Our practice is designed to support those who may also be feeling anxious, depressed, forgetful or fearful about their future.” Dr. McReynolds has published and presented internationally on her successful outcomes in treating anxiety, depression, chronic pain, attention, concentration, focus, and trauma including PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Dr. McReynolds is contracted with the Veteran’s Affairs/TriWest to provide services at no cost for veterans.

For more information about Neurofeedback or to make an appointment, please call 909-435-7189 or

Considering Writing a Memoir? Just Ask Barbara – She wrote hers to give as 100th birthday gifts.

Time seems to fly. Before you know it, there’s a big celebration for your 100th birthday. That’s what happened to Barbara one recent afternoon as family and friends gathered for this auspicious anniversary. Instead of being the only one who received gifts; she handed out books as gifts. You see, Barbara had written a memoir about her life for her family. Filled with interesting stories and anecdotes from her early days in San Francisco, to her 31-year marriage, of her three children and all that followed. After she retired as Secretary to the President of Bellarmine High School, a prestigious Catholic college-prep school in San Jose, she decided to write and took writing classes through the Adult Education program in Santa Clara.  Barbara penned her memoir especially for her 6 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren about what life was like when she was a child. For those who may be interested in writing a family memoir, you can find tips on The American Writers Museum website or find an Adult Education class near you. The 100th birthday celebration for Barbara with the special gift books was a big hit with her family and friends.

Quick 5 Podcast with Nicholas Begane

Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce is featuring Westmont of Morgan Hill a resort-style senior living community designed to foster a sense of belonging, independence, and overall well-being. Listen to Quick 5 Podcast on Apple podcasts or Spotify or on Audible. 

The podcast features Regional sales manager, Nicholas Begane who talks about the different lifestyle options, the incredible list of amenities, and the overall community that comes with being a resident! Listen to hear if Westmont of Morgan Hill at 1060 Cochrane Road, Morgan Hill would be a good fit for you or your loved ones. Call (408) 779-8490 or visit to set up a tour or lunch.

Some of the highlights of the discussion:

  • Morgan Hill Times honored Westmont of Morgan Hill as “Best of 2022” and the community received the Pinnacle Customer Service Award in 2023.
  • According to Begane, “Our mission is to provide inspiring life experiences. It’s all about community – ensuring that seniors can continue to have that meaningful life experiences in our community.”
  • The building has been designed, in part through our licensing, to allow seniors to age in place from independence to assisted and memory care.  So that you don’t have to move homes.
  • When more support is needed we call this “person-centered care” versus treatment. When we notice advanced memory loss, we talk with the family to facilitate a transition to experience our Compass Rose memory care support. We find out about this person and what they enjoyed about their life: their vocations and passions to create a memory support program for them. For instance, if someone was an artist before, then we spend more artistic time as their long-term memory is still active so we tap into their former life to keep them engaged.
  • The building amenities support an inspired life from the moment you enter, a large foyer opens to a fireplace that welcomes you and is designed to foster socialization. The dining experience offers not only a great menu but a custom approach to meal times. The second-floor bar and lounge area is a wonderful place with allows for a variety of activities. A movie theater with nightly movie screenings at 6 p.m., Fitness with Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy services onsite, and Hair and Nail Salon, among other amenities. 
  • A full calendar of activities such as group Jeopardy, Nurse Talk with the Resident Services Director, and Poker and Cards night with the Maintenance Director.  Each Director likes to participate in an activity that appeals to them and helps them stay connected. It’s a passion to work in senior living.


Charles Dever is the Senior Citizen of the Year 2023 in Santa Barbara County

Mariposa of Ellwood Shores was recognized during Older Americans Month

The 107-yr-old Charles Dever a resident of Mariposa of Ellwood Shores, Westmont Living Community was recognized as Santa Barbara County’s Senior Citizen of the Year during the Older Americans Month celebration hosted by the Central Coast Commission For Senior Citizens at the end of May. This year awards were announced on ZOOM in a virtual celebration. Lt. Dever, one of the few surviving WWII veterans, celebrated his 106th birthday honored by the City of Goleta with a proclamation and joining of a group of seniors who went on a field trip hosted by Dream Flights, a non-profit established and dedicated to honoring seniors and the United States military veterans.

According to Gary Suter, Executive Director, Central Coast Commission For Senior Citizens, “Charles Dever commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others is truly inspiring. Through his tireless efforts, he has demonstrated that age is no barrier to achieving greatness and making a difference. His compassion, wisdom, and selflessness have touched the hearts of many, and his contributions have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on our community.

According to Mark Cortez, Executive Director at Mariposa at Ellwood Shores, “We were all tremendously excited about the honor given to Charles Dever. This prestigious recognition is a testament to his remarkable contributions, dedication, and exemplary service to our community.”

Hug a Nurse – It’s National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week started in 1954 by the American Nurses Association, which was started to celebrate nurses who work in all different settings from schools to hospitals to traveling around the world in order to provide care. Sixty-nine years later we are still honoring those who choose to care for others.

“Nurses Week means that it’s a time when all nurses are recognized and honored for their dedication to the health and wellness of people. Nursing is being selfless, they make sure that their patients, or residents are the priority while ensuring they are treated with kindness, compassion, and dignity,” said Theresa Egurrola, R.N. and regional care director for Westmont Living communities in Central California.

The 2023 Nurses Week theme “Nurses Make a Difference: Anytime, Anywhere – Always” honors the unwavering commitment of DHA nurses to their patients and the value they provide to the unified healthcare team in accomplishing their medical readiness mission.

If you see a nurse this week, take a moment to thank them for their service. And, if they are agreeable…give them a hug!

Sales Office Opens for Newest Senior Living Community in Carmel Valley

Westmont Living is excited to announce that Westmont of Carmel Valley’s sales office is now open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment. The brand-new senior living community will offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care apartment homes and Casita duplexes. All residences can be reserved now for an anticipated move-in at the end of the year. Call us today to learn more about our Founder’s Club and how to receive exclusive benefits. The community grand opening is anticipated to take place early next year. Our address is 5720 Old Carmel Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92130. Call 858-465-7356 or email For more info. visit

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Westmont Living Launches Multi-Year Partnership With August Health, Advancing Its Innovative Care Model

Adoption of modern EHR platform will streamline staff’s clinical, operational, and resident onboarding workflows while improving staff, resident, and family experiences

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Westmont Living, a family-owned, full-service senior living company, announced today its next advancement in innovative care through a new multi-year partnership with August Health, in which August Health’s modern EHR platform will be implemented across all of Westmont Living’s communities.

The partnership continues Westmont Living’s leadership in leveraging technology to deliver the best experience for its staff, residents, and families. Westmont Living’s commitment to innovation has long-guided its identification of technology partners that deliver tangible impact on staff productivity, staff satisfaction, and quality of resident care.

“We believe that the automation benefits from partnering with August Health are a smart move for Westmont Living,” said Westmont Living President Andy Plant. “An instantaneous reduction in paperwork captured through a simple navigation platform will make the onboarding process more positive and timely. In addition, we are providing a productivity tool for our nurses and care teams that will increase overall staff and resident satisfaction.”

August Health’s purpose-built platform allows Westmont Living’s staff to continue delivering exceptional clinical care, enabling better care systems and streamlined operations across its communities. The platform’s capabilities include assessments and care plans designed around industry best practices, with data dynamically flowing through the platform to ensure up-to-date and accessible resident information for staff.

According to Diane “Dee” Navarro, Vice President of Operations for Westmont Living, the importance of delivering a modern experience for families also influenced Westmont Living’s decision to partner with August Health. With August Health’s Paperless Move-Ins, families can easily share the meaningful details of their loved ones’ personal and health history. These details inform a care plan for the resident focused on their individual needs and preferences. The fully digital move-in workflow enables a better transition for residents and families and reinforces the premium Westmont Living brand experience.

“The August Health Platform is a breath of fresh air. I am excited for our team members to experience the ease of operation and produce a clear, understandable, and personalized service plan,” said Ms. Navarro.

The partnership announcement comes soon after August Health announced its accelerated national expansion plans earlier this year.

“Westmont Living is widely respected for providing holistic senior care in an enriching residential environment,” said August Health Co-Founder and Co-CEO Dr. Justin Schram. “We’re honored to support Westmont Living’s commitment to providing high quality and personalized care for its residents. We see ourselves as true partners in their adoption of our modern EHR platform that systematically drives best practices and creates efficiencies for staff while surfacing actionable analytics for leadership.”

Founded in 2020, August Health now serves hundreds of communities. August Health quintupled its revenue in 2022 and has a 95 percent satisfaction rating amongst its customers, who value the platform’s intuitive design and responsive team. The company has raised $18 million to date and assembled a team from Apple, Google, Adobe, and leading healthcare companies.

About Westmont Living

Westmont Living is a privately owned senior living provider based in La Jolla with more than 20 years of experience offering exceptional care to seniors. The company’s mission is to provide inspiring life experiences that enable residents and their families to lead full and enriching lives. Westmont Living currently owns and operates 17 communities in California and Oregon. To learn more, please visit

About August Health

August Health is the modern EHR platform that enables senior living operators to improve care, increase staff satisfaction, and grow care revenue. Designed with senior living experts and built by world-class engineers, the software platform is loved by communities for its easy-to-use design. The platform simplifies everyday senior living workflows from paperless move-ins to assessments to compliance, while also providing valuable business analytics to C-Suite leadership. Hundreds of leading communities rely on August Health to upgrade their operations and deliver exceptional care. Learn more at


Julie M. Walke
Walke Communications for Westmont Living
(858) 449-2332 //

Juliana Sullam
August Health
(415) 570-7870 //

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Senior housing complex reaches its peak at 11141 Washington Boulevard in Culver City

Ten months after our last update, vertical construction is wrapping up for a new senior housing complex just east of the 405 Freeway and Sepulveda Boulevard in in Culver City.

The project from SRM Development and Westmont Living, named Westmont of Culver City, consists of a five-story building which will feature 134 residential units – including 154 assisted living and memory care beds – above 2,300 square feet of ground-floor retail space. Parking for 84 vehicles will be located in an underground garage.

Runberg Architecture Group is designing the Westmont project, which is framed in metal, and will have an exterior of brick, aluminum, stucco, and fiber cement panels. Plans call for two courtyards within the complex, including one which will be located at street level facing Washington Boulevard.

As of a community presentation given in 2020, rents for the assisted living apartments were expected to range from $4,500 per month for a studio unit to $6,000 per month for a two-bedroom unit. That same presentation indicated that construction would take approximately 18 months.

Washington-based SRM is also behind plans similar senior housing developments in Encino and Studio City.

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