California Bloomin’ Beauties!

As spring paints the landscape in vibrant hues, California bursts into a breathtaking showcase of colorful blooms. From majestic wildflowers to delicate blossoms, the Golden State’s diverse flora comes alive during this enchanting season. For seniors residing at our Westmont Living communities, we embarked on outings to witness California’s spring blooms. It was an invigorating and enriching experience. These outings offer not only a chance to marvel at nature’s beauty but also an opportunity to connect with fellow residents and create lasting memories.

Engaging Spring Activities for Seniors!

Seniors can enjoy a variety of activities during the spring season! Let’s discover how we can embrace this season of growth, rejuvenation, and vitality while creating lasting memories and nurturing well-being.

  1.  Walking or Hiking: Spring is a great time to get outside and enjoy nature. Take a leisurely stroll in a local park, or explore nearby hiking trails. Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather.
  2. Gardening: Spring is the perfect time to start a garden or tend to an existing one. Watching flowers, herbs, and/or veggies grow can provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
  3. Bird Watching: Many birds return from their winter migrations during the spring season. Enjoy watching and identifying different bird species at local parks or nature reserves.
  4. Volunteering: Use extra time to volunteer in your local community. Help with events at a local museum, library or animal shelter or volunteer to help out with the local park or gardening club.
  5. Cooking and Baking: Springtime is a great opportunity to try out new recipes or cook up some old favorites.
  6. Painting or Drawing: Painting or Drawing: Springtime can be an inspiration for creativity. Express creativity through the beauty of the season.
  7. Photography: Spring is also a great time for photography. Explore and capture the beauty of the season and its natural beauty.

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