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Winning Salesmail Blog – Westmont of Culver City

It’s a special day when we get to “toot our own horn”! Westmont of Culver City was awarded SalesMail of the month by HeartLegacy, Take a look a picture is worth a thousand words! According to HeartLegacy, “In this SalesMail, Tracy, a member of the Westmont team, shares an update on the construction of their community. Holding a letter board to grab the viewer’s attention, she invites the recipient to call to schedule a tour for the soon-to-be finished apartments. Following this video, Tracy and her team recorded a SalesMail of a walkthrough of the construction site, a quick tour of some finished apartments, and some highlights that the community will feature. This series of SalesMail videos is a fantastic way to fill your community before it’s even fully finished! Thank you Rhiannon and the Westmont team It’s no wonder that you are the best! Great job Westmont of Culver City.


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