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Senior holding a bowl of food

Residents at Oceanview Senior Living Eat Quail Eggs that they watched incubate and hatch at a local Quail Farm

Last week, residents at Oceanview Senior Living in Newport, Oregon enjoyed deviled Quail eggs that actually started as an unusual activity months ago thanks to Lifestyle Director Stacey Hall who has her own Quail Farm. Hall said, “I created a YouTube page for them to watch the incubation and hatching process from our activity room.” Quail spend most of their lives in a relatively small area, in small groups in a single covey and generally forage twice a day, in early morning and mid-to-late afternoon. Hall donated 10 dozen eggs to the Westmont Living community awhile back where residents steamed and pickled the eggs. According to Hall, “I haven’t had so much laughter and chatter in a group in ages.” Everyone tried the eggs.  “It was a fun activity, they taste great!” said Oceanview resident Karen T.. Another resident Ed B. said, “I really enjoyed them, but they are hard to peel.” According to Hall, “Quail eggs are the richer cousin to chicken eggs, with a higher yolk-to-white ratio it’s a decadent little egg that works well with everything from microgreens to a specialty cheese-filled omelet. Now its July and the residents continue to enjoy the eggs, this time though, they are Deviled Eggs.”



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