Santa Barbara Maritime Museum: A Gateway to Ocean Heritage

The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum stands as a testament to the city’s deep-rooted connection with the sea. This coastal gem invites visitors to embark on a journey through California’s captivating maritime heritage, offering a rich tapestry of interactive exhibits, preserved artifacts, captivating artwork, and cinematic adventures. Explore the allure of this neighborhood, discover its attractions, and learn about its proximity to Westmont of Santa Barbara a Senior Living Community.


Attractions at the Maritime Museum

The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum beckons both history enthusiasts and ocean lovers alike with its diverse range of attractions. Here, you can immerse yourself in a world of nautical wonders, education, and entertainment.

Dive into History

The heart of Santa Barbara Maritime Museum lies in its interactive exhibits, which unveil the secrets of sustainable fishing in a kelp forest, the art of raising a sail, the thrill of diving, and the excitement of sport fishing. These hands-on activities provide a unique opportunity to engage with the maritime world.

Artistry of the Sea

For art connoisseurs, the museum’s onsite gallery is a treasure trove of ocean-themed artwork. Rotating exhibits showcase the beauty and complexity of the underwater world, making it a must-visit for art enthusiasts.

Cinematic Adventures

Venture into the state-of-the-art HD multimedia Munger Theater. Here, the whole family can enjoy audio-visual experiences, including films that transport you on virtual underwater adventures and deep-sea archaeological explorations. Check the film schedule to ensure you don’t miss out on these captivating screenings.

Panoramic Harbor Views

Ascend to the fourth floor, where the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Visitor Center awaits. From its outdoor deck, enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the harbor. As you wander through, be sure to admire the stunning mosaic-tiled floor and the mesmerizing kelp forest mural.


Things to Do in Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Beyond the museum’s walls, Santa Barbara offers an array of activities and experiences. The proximity of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum to Westmont of Santa Barbara, a Senior Living Community, ensures that there’s always something to do nearby.

Exploring Westmont of Santa Barbara

Discover the peaceful and vibrant community of Westmont of Santa Barbara, where residents enjoy a range of amenities and services tailored to senior living. With its serene environment and proximity to the museum, it’s a wonderful place to call home.

Convenient Location

Located just 13.9 miles away, a mere 17-minute drive will take you from the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum to Westmont of Santa Barbara. This senior living community provides memory care services, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for those with memory-related challenges.

Museum Hours and Access

The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum is open Thursday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Note that the museum is closed on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and the first Friday of August for Fiesta. Check the museum’s calendar for updates related to special events.

Getting There

Accessing the museum is convenient, with options like the Lil’ Toot water taxi connecting the Harbor and Stearn’s Wharf, and the Downtown Waterfront Electric Shuttle traversing Cabrillo Blvd. and State St. Parking is available on the east side of the museum or along Shoreline Drive.


Explore the Ocean’s Legacy

In the heart of Santa Barbara’s maritime neighborhood, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum stands as a tribute to the city’s enduring love affair with the sea. Whether you seek history, art, or cinematic adventures, this museum has it all. Discover the maritime legacy, enjoy the nearby senior living community at Santa Barbara, and relish the convenience of being just a short drive from Westmont of Santa Barbara, where memory care services offer support and care for your loved ones. Plan your visit today and contact Westmont of Santa Barbara at 805-845-4921.