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Live Your Way®

Your Style, Your Choices

Westmont of Brentwood provide many engaging activities that appeal to everyone. Our Live Your Way® program takes the whole body approach to activities. Engaging with neighbors and friends or simply choosing a more purposeful approach, whatever your style, we have choices to fulfill your lifestyle.

Live Your Way® is a holistic approach to whole-body wellness.

Our holistic approach to whole-body wellness is based on the Six Dimensions of Wellness as defined by the National Wellness Institute (NWI). This innovative and helpful framework describes the holistic nature of wellness. To achieve well-being is it recommended that each of us include some aspect of these dimensions in our daily lives.

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Our Method

Health & Fitness

Movement, strength, balance, and flexibility for optimal physical fitness.

Lifelong Learning & Innovation

Challenging cognitive function. Staying mentally sharp through life-long learning.

Connections & Experiences

Social wellness through shared connections and experiences. Meet, befriend, and have fun engaging in social events.

Creative Expression & Art

Using creativity to express emotions and accept one’s feelings. Experiences that find inner joy, musical expression and art appreciation.

Inspiration & Fellowship

Finding peace of mind, being true to oneself, and living each day consistent with your values and beliefs.

Intention & Purpose

Contributing and inspiring others while staying active and involved in the larger community. Life enrichment through personal satisfaction.


Health & Fitness

Optimal physical wellness is met through an emphasis on movement, fitness, sleep, and relaxation. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including eating the right foods enhances overall good health.


Lifelong Learning & Innovation

Intellectual wellness and continued education expands one's perspective. We aim to stretch and challenge cognitive thinking with challenges that are both creative and stimulating. You will expand your knowledge base and increase mental dexterity while working within a group setting.


Connections & Experiences

Social wellness is achieved through shared connections and experiences. Maintain your social vibrancy and have fun by meeting, befriending, and engaging in the many social events offered in our communities.

Enhance emotional well-being

Creative Expression & Art

We encourage self-awareness and acceptance of one's feelings and an optimistic approach to life. Seek your inner joy through a multitude of activities as well as musical and artistic endeavors. Who knows, you just might discover a new artistic path.

Fellowship and spirituality

Inspiration & Fellowship

The natural search for meaning and purpose in human existence is spiritual wellness. We ignite fellowship by exploring a deeper exchange of ideas, thoughts, and beliefs There is peace of mind in being true to oneself and living each day consistent with one’s values and beliefs.

Contributing and inspiring others

Intention and Purpose

After a lifetime of experience we know that you continue to seek personal satisfaction and live the fullest life possible. Find enrichment by contributing to the larger community and remain active in purposeful activities.

Sample physical exercise activities and group exercise programs designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

    • Physical Therapist led Exercise Classes
    • Balance and Stretch Exercises
    • Spiro Fitness
    • Walking for Wellness
    • Yoga and Tai Chi
    • Swimming
    • Chair Volleyball
    • Pickleball
    • Golfing
    • Wii Bowling
    • Dancing
    • Bocce Ball

The Live Your Way® program has a variety of activities designed to maintain brain fitness and intellectual wellness. Some of these activities are:

    • Technology Classes and Virtual Reality Experiences
    • One-Day University Lectures
    • Ted Talks
    • Crossword Puzzles, Wordle, Spelling Bee Pangram, and Word Games
    • Screening Short Films and Documentaries
    • You Be the Judge
    • Book Club
    • Trivia Quest

Make friends and participate in fun activities that enrich your lives and others. Activities include:

    • Weekly Happy Hours
    • Sport Game Nights
    • Outing to Museums and Galleries
    • Events and Excursions
    • Food and Drink Tours
    • Cultural Events
    • Resident Socials and Themed Parties
    • Bingo and Game Competitions
    • Group Card Games and Game Night

Using creativity to enhance emotional well-being and lead an optimistic life. Activities include:

    • Music Instruction and Appreciation
    • Painting in Oil, Watercolor, Pastels, Acrylic, Pencil, and Charcoal
    • Art History and Appreciation
    • Paint and Sip Events
    • Craft Classes and Organic Soap Making
    • Gardening
    • Floral Arranging
    • Cooking Classes
    • Journaling
    • Poetry Reading
    • Creative Writing
    • Drama Club
    • Pet Engagement

Seeking peace of mind by connecting to a higher purpose. Fellowship and spirituality including all faiths and religions.

    • Recognition of a Multi-Faith Calendar
    • Religious Services - Many Denominations (inside and outside the community)
    • Bible Studies and Devotions
    • Meditation and Daily Inspirations
    • Quiet Walks or Retreats
    • Support Groups

Contributing and inspiring others while staying active and involved in the larger community. Life enrichment through personal satisfaction.

    • Intergenerational Programming
    • Fundraising Events
    • Community and Civic Connection
    • Resident-Led Learning
    • Resident Service Groups
    • Cultural Programs
    • Holiday Celebrations
    • Volunteer Groups

Are you ready to start living your way today?

Westmont of Brentwood offers its residents the Brentwood retirement community that promotes fun and engaging activities with friends and family that are meaningful and beneficial to successful aging

About Us


Inspired Retirement Living®

At Westmont Living, the comfort and care of our residents is our highest priority. Our senior apartments in Brentwood prioritize the highest level of service to our valued residents, in an atmosphere that promotes total well-being and personal fulfillment. We provide a full spectrum of options in housing and health care, from Active adult, Independent and Assisted Living to Memory Care. We go above and beyond to offer support for our residents. Our exceptional amenities and services were designed to make life more enjoyable.

Since 1996

family owned full service senior living communities


Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide inspiring life experiences that enable our residents and their families to lead full and enriching lives.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to exceed the expectations of our residents and families while inspiring hearts and minds.


We are serving-hearted and respect the dignity of each individual.


Our actions and values reflect our principle.


We celebrate life and have fun.


It is always our pleasure to provide excellent service.


We believe that purposeful lives are meaningful lives.


We encourage participation in order to make a difference in the community.


We strive to do our best and to continuously improve.




Founder’s Message

Our mission since the very beginning has been to create inspiring living experiences in each of our communities. We know choosing the right senior living community is a very personal decision. Our mission is to provide inspiring life experiences that enable our residents and their families to lead full and enriching lives. We’re truly driven by the belief that purposeful lives are meaningful lives

Since 1996, our family owned full service senior living communities have been helping residents maintain their full potential.